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Copy for a Psychotherapist

Posted on: September 25th, 2014 by Chesney

One of the reasons I love being a copywriter is that the work is so varied.

Last week I had a fascinating meeting with a psychotherapist and counsellor who wanted to improve the copy on his website.

Over time he’d tweaked it so much he’d begun to find it a bit hard to see the wood from the trees, and that’s when he decided to ask for some professional advice.

Wherever possible, I always like to meet my clients as I think it’s really important to do that if you’re trying to capture the tone and nuance of someone’s voice.

It’s also very helpful having a partner who’s a great photographer as the visual element of how someone presents themselves on-line is every bit as important as what they say. (Ok, I admit that it often might be even more important).

So one photo session and a re-write of his original words later, and here’s the new John Donlon site: