What Runs Through Your Stick of Rock?

If you’ve given careful consideration to your core messages, chances are you’ve already got pretty strong ideas about your brand. And that’s great, we can go
from there.

But if you’re not quite sure yet, it’s definitely somewhere I can help.

A brand is so much more than just guidelines. Just like core values are so much more than a mission statement poster in the conference room.

Your brand is the personality that runs through the heart of your company. It’s expressed through your visual identity and everything you say and do. Together, these will create a personality that’s defined and attractive enough to make customers want your business in their lives and potential staff want to join you.

But it takes careful analysis to define what that personality is. Decisions must be based on what your company is actually like. Rather than representing a marketing consultant’s ideal, formulated round a creative’s table.

“Only when you live, breathe and dream the words defining your brand will it truly come to life.”

Words are everywhere. On your website, in your literature, your blogs, even in the way you answer the phone. Each one is important, worth careful consideration.

So let’s start considering the best ones for you. (Oh, and on the visual side, I know some brilliant designers and web builders who can help out in those respects too.)


Why Don’t You?

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