Communicating Your Messages

Here’s a smorgasboard of possibilities:

Company Website

Your best communication platform.

Every company should have a clear and comprehensive website. I can write the copy from scratch or review your existing pages.

Marketing Your Wares

(and achieving significant sales along the way)

  • leaflets
  • sales letters
  • ads and advertorials
  • posters
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • emailers
  • point of sale material
  • packaging (something like Innocent Drinks? Ooh, yes please!)


Just as in all relationships, good communication in business is key.
We can look at ways of regularly talking to your customers and staff

  • blogs
  • letters
  • Facebook company page
  • newsletters
  • intranet articles
  • annual reports
  • employee handbooks

Press Releases and Magazine Articles

With hundreds of press releases under my belt, I’m a dab hand at writing
them (frequently achieving front page coverage).

However, there’s much more to writing a press release than just that.
You have to know how to sell it in as well. And I can help you.

Trade magazines (printed or on-line) are a great way of getting your
messages across on a B2B basis. I can research and write these for you.

Brand Building

Writing for Franchises

Franchising is a really great way of growing your business, which is something I know well. But if you want happy franchisees, it’s really important that you know how to communicate with them.

It means keeping them thoroughly informed. Listening to what they have to
say. Creating a bond that will mean you grow together as one (and so protect
your brand along the way).

Areas in which I can help include:

  • your franchise marketing brochure – although we just sent a letter, and that worked rather well
  • the tone of your Operations Manual
  • newsletters – I absolutely loved writing mine
  • how you present your franchisees within your marketing – on your website,
  • in your literature

Speech Writing

I love writing speeches, having delivered quite a few corporate (and not so
corporate) ones of my own.

I’d be delighted to work with you on:

  • corporate speeches: anniversaries, conferences, video presentations
  • marketing speeches: for delivery at conferences, networking events, etc
  • wedding speeches: forgive my jumping out of the purely corporate, but I do also love to work with grooms, brides, best men and parents.
  • In fact, I love working with whoever wants to give a great speech and just
  • needs a little help.

Why Don’t You?

Look at the ways in which I can write for you

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