Engaging copy, focused brand building: delivered with an entrepreneurial edge


I’m Jess Morency, owner of Happy Shed.

Whether you’re looking for copy for your website, a warm, engaging newsletter, or you want to talk about how to create a distinctive, enduring brand I can help.

I’m guessing you’ve put an immense amount of effort into making your business as good as it possibly can be.

And with all that effort you probably feel like it’s pretty much an extension of your own self.

I can convey your passion to everyone else – or at least those who particularly need to know about you.

I can work out precisely what it is you’re creating – your unique selling points,
your best features. And it’s much easier for me to say how great you are.

For no-one likes to boast.

Then, most importantly, I can convert those features into benefits for your customers. Because that’s always what will interest them most.




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