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No Brand is An Island (unless it’s Hawaii)

Many of the world’s most exciting brands each have a distinct personality.

It’s a personality made up of a myriad of things. The founders. How the brand developed (the story). Why they do what they do. How they do it. The staff it attracts. The customers it keeps.

“Brand personality is often a sustainable point of differentiation. It’s very difficult to copy a personality.”
S J Hus

And indeed, this is key. You can have small companies with big personalities: some rather larger ones too. What they all have in common is they’re not afraid to say what they think; to stand by their principles. Sometimes to make you think.
And often make you laugh.

“Personality reflects the brand’s courage to stand for something.”

Tom Schuyler


It’s All About You

In order to best communicate and sell what it is you do, I’ve really got to understand your brand. Know what motivates all who work to build it. See what your values are. Understand why your product is as good as it is.

And that’s when good words become great words; because they present the essence of all of you.

Once I’ve thoroughly understood all that, I’ll know what tone of voice to use. Personally I like a fun, colloquial approach. But I’m happy to talk corporate too.

Then, when I’ve got a thorough understanding of your product, hear your voice and know you really well, we’ll work out what exactly it is you need me to write.

Unless you’ve already decided.

And that’s when I get really excited. For by now I’m as passionate about what you do as you are.

Enthusiasm is infectious

So let’s get producing.


Why Don’t You?

Have a good look at your current material and consider whether it needs updating.

Or email me at jess@happyshed.com and let’s start looking at things together.