Nice Words

Shed’. There’s a nice word. ‘Tank’. There’s another.

And here are some more nice words that people I’ve worked with have kindly said about me.

Jess is one of the most natural copywriters I‘ve ever encountered – and I should know, as a former newspaper editor. When my wife and I bought a Water Babies franchise a few years ago our enthusiasm for the project was buoyed by the wonderful words sent out informing us about the journey ahead. Jess was the voice, the heart and the very soul of Water Babies, not only in person but in the way she laid down in black and white what the company and its ethos was all about. With style, flair, and a warm inviting tone, she made joining the business seem more like an invite into a warm exclusive family, than another entrepreneurial transaction. And that’s a difficult thing to pull off. One of the most professional, charming and enthusiastic people I know, Jess stands head and shoulders above her contemporaries, and can be a major asset to any business seeking a way
with words.

Derek Lambie, Water Babies Central Scotland

Jess is a brilliant copywriter and her background in PR also paid great dividends for Water Babies. She understands how to write words that will be read and has the adaptability to change their emphasis for the audience or publication. She always takes time to research, ensuring her own understanding of any subject,
so the right message is delivered.

Tamsin Brewis, Water Babies Franchisee

The Water Babies brand that Jess created chimed perfectly with the target market for prospective franchisees. This meant the business had to do very little traditional franchise marketing, as people were drawn to the brand and wanted to be
a part of it.

Bill Pegram, The Franchising Centre

Jess has been a pleasure to work with on our recent advertising projects. She got the work done quickly and was very accommodating and helpful with the many changes and threads that needed pulling together. She helped us create a leaflet that looks good and reads really well, and we’ve had many, many compliments on since. She helped to keep the project moving along smoothly and swiftly, above and beyond what was required. We will definitely use her again for future projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other businesses.

Louise Barnard, Baby Bites

Jess works with discipline, high standards and a sensibility that has depth and warmth. She’s a natural writer, with a sharp intelligence, a highly observant take
on human behaviour and a facility for expressing ideas in engaging,
often amusing ways.

Jonathan Noakes, Head of English, Eton College

Jess has an exceptional ability to produce lively and vibrant copy. She is able to assimilate information quickly and respond by writing a considered, but fun and engaging piece. I would recommend Jess if you want your copy to come alive!

Jackie Rainford, Rainford Training


Why Don’t You?

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