It’s been a while…

Since I last updated this news page, during which time I’ve finished two novels and my day job is now primarily as a feature writer. If you’d like to keep up to date with what I’m currently doing switch over to this website: and give me a follow on my features page.

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And here’s another fascinating tale

Talk about multi-tasking…


A New Tale

scan grannyAnd it’s a lovely one of family values and tradition. Here it is

A New Departure

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Recently I’ve added to my work portfolio by doing a bit of freelance writing for local papers and magazines. One of these is a monthly feature for a series of local papers and I thought I’d also make it into a blog.

Here’s my first post


A New Look for Baby Sensory

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It has been a pleasure working with Baby Sensory over the last year to update and consolidate their brands.  This began with a thorough analysis: uncovering the history, reading all the marketing materials, talking to lots of clients and members of the team – really getting to know the company and understand what makes it so fab. Then, working with DKB Creative in Salisbury, we set about creating new brand identities that were presented to the franchisees at their annual conference. Delighted with how well they were received, we next created new leaflets, posters and generic copy, plus an extremely thorough set of brand guidelines for distribution throughout the company. Finally, we’ve just finished a Sense of Us booklet: a summary of the company for use both internally and as a marketing tool for potential suppliers.
   As a company that’s always evolving, Baby Foundations is the next offering planned for roll-out across the UK later this year. So watch this space… it will be equally amazing.

Copy for a Psychotherapist


One of the reasons I love being a copywriter is that the work is so varied.

Last week I had a fascinating meeting with a psychotherapist and counsellor who wanted to improve the copy on his website.

Over time he’d tweaked it so much he’d begun to find it a bit hard to see the wood from the trees, and that’s when he decided to ask for some professional advice.

Wherever possible, I always like to meet my clients as I think it’s really important to do that if you’re trying to capture the tone and nuance of someone’s voice.

It’s also very helpful having a partner who’s a great photographer as the visual element of how someone presents themselves on-line is every bit as important as what they say. (Ok, I admit that it often might be even more important).

So one photo session and a re-write of his original words later, and here’s the new John Donlon site:

Little Bristol II

Here’s the latest edition within our ‘Little…’ series:

It takes a lot of work, co-ordinating between 19 companies, but the feedback we’ve received has been great and it’s a really good way of showcasing the work of some of Bristol’s best baby and toddler companies.

Particular thanks goes to Wes at Coastline Creative and Susie Lawrence for their help in putting it together.

Welcome to my blog

And one day I’ll put some stuff on it. But not right now.

See you later…